Liraz Miller

Liraz Miller is an Israeli native who moved to Burlington in 2016 and has been involved with Chabad ever since. Liraz has had various roles at Chabad of VT and Chabad of UVM, ranging from hebrew teacher at Juda After School Program to leading the student community engagement efforts on the UVM campus. A veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, Liraz served in the IDF during the Second Lebanon War, and after completing her service, held various professional roles in logistics, stakeholder engagement, advertising, and graphic design. She is a graduate of the Open University of Israel, completing her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Social Sciences in 2013, and has completed various additional certifications in graphic design and social media. A mother of two small kids, Liraz believes learning hebrew and developing a personal connection to Israel is one of the most important things we can give to our children as they develop their own unique Jewish identity.