Rabbi Baruch Simon

I currently live in Waterbury, Vermont with my wife and three children. We recently moved here from Miami with our three children. Moving back north to teach at Tamim was a full-circle dream come true, because I grew up nearby in Albany, New York and attended a wonderful small Hebrew day school.

I has a passion for teaching and love elementary aged students who are excited to explore new concepts. The classroom discussions and explorations are always deep and thought provoking. I have been involved in education for the past ten years. I taught first in Darchai Menachem, in Brooklyn, for six years and then in LEC in Miami for three years.

Tamim has an incredible balance of academic rigor and a social emotional growth mindset, with a tailored plan for each individual learner. It is a top priority that the school and class be a safe and nurturing environment for each student. Students are exposed to different disciplines and challenged to draw connections between them, with each subject complementing the others.

Enjoying learning at school year is my primary goal so that our students become lifelong learners and explorers, with a sense of curiosity to last a lifetime.