Making a child feel safe and heard is the best way towards creating a passionate and independent thinker. My career in education started in Brooklyn during college when I began tutoring my peers, mostly in one-on-one
sessions. I started in Writing but moved onto other subjects (Calculus then Statistics then Reading) as new opportunities arose. When I saw a need, I chose to fill it, and I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge base because I like to be on my toes, challenging myself as much as possible.

I transitioned into elementary education a few years ago, getting my Masters in Childhood Education and teaching 3rd and 5th grade students full time over the past 3 years, primarily focusing on Math. I worked alongside many co-teachers throughout that time, learning from them as we got to know each other and adjusting my style as I got to know my students and their needs.

All of this has brought me here to Burlington as I start a new chapter in my life, and I am looking forward to assisting all of your children in the very near future!